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Protecting Your Most Valuable Resource

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  Lesson 10

Protecting Your Most Valuable Resource

Insight inspired by Indistractable (Nir Eyal)

The difference between traction and distraction is intent. Any action can be either a distraction or traction depending on what we intend to do with our time.

Traction = Actions that move us toward what we really want
Distraction = Actions that move us away from what we really want

The definition of “distraction” above is worded very intentionally. You need to realize right now that you are not a victim to distraction, you are an accomplice. You will only be distracted by what you allow yourself to be distracted by.

You always have a choice of where you invest your time, energy, and focus. Your time is the most important asset you have so you need to invest it wisely and to invest it wisely you must plan ahead.

Nir Eyal writes that,

“Relying upon our feelings in the moment is too risky. The only way to truly know what we want is to plan ahead. In my research and consulting work, I’ve heard countless people tell me how difficult it is to manage their time. But when I ask them what they got distracted from, they have trouble answering the question. They don’t recall what they planned to do. When I ask them to show me their schedule planner so I can see what they intended to do, they show me a calendar full of white space. If there is only one takeaway, it’s this: you can’t call something a distraction unless you know what it is distracting you from. If you don’t schedule your day, you can’t possibly know the difference between what you intended to do and what was a distraction.”

I hope you feel the weight and responsibility of that. You, and you alone, are responsible for how you spend your time. Distractions (ACTIONS that move you away from what you want) are plentiful — Netflix, social media, email, gossip, etc. — but, remember, the only way you can truly call these a distraction is by knowing what they’re distracting you from.

Goal of the Week

Protect your time and invest it in the areas that matter the most to you.

  Quote of the Week

“You need to be doing fewer things for more effect instead of doing more things with side effects.”


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