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Squashing the ANTs

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  Lesson 2

Squashing the ANTs

Insight inspired by Limitless (Jim Kwik)

Ants in the kitchen are annoying. But what’s even more annoying are the ANTs in your head. Obviously, we’re not talking about actual ants but what Jim Kwik calls (A)utomatic (N)egative (T)houghts that run around in your head all day.

Negative thoughts are a part of everyone’s life but sometimes these ANTs can be debilitating. We, humans, are evolutionarily wired to think about threats and risks beforehand in order to prepare for survival but the problem starts when this thought pattern outgrows its purpose and starts self-sabotaging.

Before we know it, these Automatic Negative Thoughts start to interfere with our relationships, life goals, everyday tasks, and eventually our brain’s performance.

This is a good time to review this week’s quote which says, “You become what you think about.”

This means, if you constantly focus on the negative thoughts and never question them, you may unintentionally gravitate toward them. “You become what you think about” — works for both your thoughts of success and failure.

Because of this, from this point forward, I want you to scrutinize your automatic negative thoughts. And the only time I want you to entertain negative thoughts is when you can do something about it. Thinking about the presentation you bombed when you’re driving home from work isn’t going to help. The only purpose of negative thoughts from this moment on is to help you learn from “actual” mistakes and this needs to be done when you want it to be done.

For example, I used to really struggle with negative thoughts about speaking in public. In fact, it’s still something I struggle with greatly. The difference is that I eventually realized that simply thinking negative thoughts doesn’t do me any good. The only way negative thoughts can be leveraged for good is if they’re based on real experiences and if I take positive action in response.

The positive action I took in response to my nervousness about public speaking is I now prepare twice as hard than I used to so I’m twice as prepared. This has increased my confidence and therefore reduced my nervousness.

I don’t know what your ANTs are, but whatever they are, you need to acknowledge them and then squash them on your own terms.

Goal of the Week

Decide who you want to become.

  Quote of the Week

“You become what you think about.”


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