Learning from the Life & Leadership of MLK Jr.

Week of January 18, 2021

Today, we honor the great Martin Luther King Jr. and all that he taught us with his incredible life. Let’s choose to honor his leadership today by speaking up, taking action, and leading ourselves well.

Start with WhyπŸ“˜Β Book to Read

In his book, β€œStart With Why,” Simon Sinek points out how MLK Jr. lived his life mission first and always started with β€œwhy.” Read it to level up your leadership and start living mission first.

Coach George Raveling🎧 Podcast to Listen To

Coach George Raveling is an 80-year-old living legend and Nike’s former Director of International Basketball who signed Michael Jordan to the brand. He joins Tim Ferriss in this episode to discuss leading yourself well and how he became the guardian for MLK Jr.’s β€œI Have a Dream” speech papers.

Podcast NotesπŸ“± App or Tool to Use

If you love podcasts as much as we do you’ll be obsessed with PodcastNote.org and all that it offers. Get full episode breakdowns and key takeaways. Try it out with this week’s recommended podcast episode.

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