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Reflectly is a personal journal and diary driven by artificial intelligence to enable you to deal with negative thoughts, make positivity louder and to teach you about the science of well-being. Be prepared to reduce stress, get perspective, develop gratitude and learn to apply empathy and kindness to every aspect of your life.

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positive reviews

This helps me journal like never before!!

I’ve never really been one to write reviews before – must be because I really love this app. But this has changed the game for me in being able to reflect on my day and journal! I’ve journaled in notebooks before but was never really consistent with it. But this has helped increase my consistency, ease of journaling, my “want” to journal, and include more details of my day – like being able to upload photos of it. (source)

It’s great for some people

If you can remember to do this and have the effort to try and make a daily story, this is perfect for you if you need to relieve stress, and feel more productive! (source)

Love this app

This app is amazing. I have tried to start journals before and have always failed. I am not much of a big writing fan, when I would write in a journal I would not get to write everything I wanted because I didn’t want to write that much. My mind was going to fast for my hands so I would write summaries of what was going through my head. This made for a not so good journal entry. I would also forget to write often or just simply choose not to because I didn’t feel like writing. Luckily I am a faster typer than a writer so I am able to keep up with the thoughts going through my head. It is also a lot easier to write everyday because I can choose to get notifications. The app also has an amazing design that is pleasing to the eye ,and all my little entries look super neat rather than my sloppy- tired of writing, handwriting. (source)

critical review


The app itself is great. It has a really nice concept, it isn’t glitchy, it’s calming and entertaining. It does what it says it’s going to do. So the reason I put this as a four star rating is because to get the fully version you have to pay money. This is the case with a lot of apps, but this one in particular has not a lot of features without paying. I personally don’t want to pay money to get extras in an app that’s meant for writing.  (source)

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