10 Best Personal Growth Apps

for Entrepreneurs in 2021


Looking for the best personal growth apps? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a busy entrepreneur or simply an aspiring student with a side hustle, you need the best personal growth apps at your fingertips.

As we built out Learn Stash, we tried several different personal growth apps and took notes along the way. To help you on your own journey, we’ve now put them all into one, simple easy-to-read post.

Best Personal Growth Apps for Note Taking

notion - best personal growth apps


Available on: Web , macOS , Windows , iOS and Android

Notion is a new, extremely nimble all-in-one workspace. You can use it to create notes and docs, track progress and tasks, and even build a team wiki. With kanban boards, tables, and lists — Notion has the capability to not only replace Google docs and note-taking apps, but other apps like Trello or Asana. For a busy entrepreneur building a new company, the ability to centralize all of this will save valuable time and money.

Airr - best personal growth apps


Available on: iOS

Airr is a podcast player that allows you to highlight specific audio clips inside of your favorite podcast episodes, add notes, and even share those moments with others. With a single tap — or simply your voice — you can start saving valuable business advice from the latest eye opening episode of How I Built This or any other podcast that’s blowing your mind lately.

Bear - best personal growth apps

Bear App – Note Taking Productivity App

Available on: macOS and iOS

The Bear Notes app serves as a minimalist, distraction-free alternative to Evernote. Looks can be deceiving, though. Bear is lightning fast and still offers a healthy list of features such as hashtags, pinned notes, image embeds, and a variety of export options.

Best Personal Growth Apps for Mental Wellness

Ladder: Habit & Mood Tracker - best personal growth apps


Available on: iOS

As an entrepreneur, it can be easy to forsake your own mental and emotional health at the expense of the business you’re building. This is why an app like Ladder is so valuable. Ladder is a personalized mental wellness app that allows you to keep tabs on your thoughts, emotions, and habits. With Ladder, you can view your progress over time and display it in such a way that helps you spot significant patterns or changes.


Stretch Minder

Available on: iOS

Nothing can stop productivity like a bout of mid-afternoon grogginess. Stretch Minder reminds you to get out of your chair and take a few 5-minute exercise breaks throughout your day. Whether it’s a simple stretch routine or a few jumping jacks, it doesn’t take much to refuel and start feeling better so you can finish your days strong.

medito - best personal growth apps


Available on: iOS and Android

Entrepreneurs often face frustrating roadblocks and are under extreme pressure. Medito helps take the edge off in a healthy way by providing free guided and non-guided meditations. Even if you’re new to meditation, this app is a great introduction and can help with everything from anxiety, to sleeplessness, to stress.

Pomofocus - Free Pomodoro Timer - best personal growth apps


Available on: Web

Pomofocus is a simple, sleek pomodoro timer web app. A pomodoro is a 25-minute dedicated work sprint with a 5-minute rest break awarded at the end. This method is proven to increase productivity and this web app is one of the easiest ways to get started.

Best Personal Growth Apps for Organizing

Walling - best personal growth apps


Available on: iOS, MacOS, Windows and Web

Walling is a new idea organizing tool that helps calm the chaos when you have too many ideas and not enough time. The “daily desk” within Walling allows you to save practically anything in a frictionless, visual manner. It also allows you to link your boards in an intuitive manner so you can see how your brain is developing new concepts and ideas.

TickTick: Things & Tasks To Do - best personal growth apps

TickTick: Things & Tasks To Do

Available on: iOS, MacOS, and Android

If you’re in need of digital task manager and to-do list maker, TickTick fits the ticket. It’s trusted by millions of users and can help tame the wildest of schedules. Whether you need to put something on your calendar, jot down a to-do list, or do both at the same time, TickTick makes it almost effortless.

bookshlf - best personal growth apps


Available on: Web and iOS

Entrepreneurs are constantly keeping tabs on the newest trends and the latest ideas. Consuming so much information on a daily basis can be overwhelming, which is where Bookshlf comes in. Bookshlf is a free curation platform that allows you to save practically anything with a link (videos, articles, websites, apps, podcasts, etc.) and organize it on your own digital “bookshelf.”

As you pursue your big goals in 2021, we hope this list of best personal growth apps will help you along your journey. Stay focused. Stay committed. And keep learning!

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