“Get After It” Jocko Willink Motivational Speech

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We all need a little extra motivation from time to time. Sometimes we just need to get after it If that's you right now, say no more. We got you.

NooWave: Flow State Coffee Will Help You Find Your Flow

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Not many things can top the first few sips of your morning coffee. Noowave insists on making those drops of liquid gold even better by being the go-to coffee for anyone seeking enhanced productivity…

10 Affirmations for Your Personal Growth

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We’re often our own worst enemy. We focus on our weaknesses. We replay our mistakes over and over again. And ultimately we self-sabotage.

75 Personal Development Goals & Ideas for 2021

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To help you on the way to a better “you” at work, home, & life in general — we’ve put together a list of over 75 personal development goals & ideas for 2021.

10 Best Personal Growth Apps for Entrepreneurs in 2021

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Whether you’re a busy entrepreneur or simply an aspiring student with a side hustle, you need the best personal growth apps at your fingertips.

3 Reasons Why “How to Lead” by David Rubenstein is a Must Read Leadership Book

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When the book cover features the likes of Oprah, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Warren Buffet — it doesn’t take much to convince us to look further.

Best Personal Growth Books (Ever): The Definitive Guide

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We know it can be overwhelming with just how many personal growth books are out there so we’ve created a definitive guide featuring the best personal growth books of all time.

Himalaya Learning App — Audio Courses Perfected

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Audio-first courses? Bite-sized lessons? Learn from the world’s best thinkers? The Himalaya Learning App is the audio course platform we've all been waiting for.

Minimalist Reading Tracker (Free Spreadsheet + Printable)

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If you’re looking for a reading tracker, you’ve come to the right place. Tracking your reading is an incredibly important step in your learning journey.

5 Habit Books That Will Change Your Life

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Whether you want to build a better business, budget, or body — habits are the building blocks for change. Little by little, day-by-day you can become stronger, faster, and more confident in any area…

5 Reasons You Should Start a Reading Log

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Yes, you should start a reading log. And no, reading logs are not just for ambitious elementary kids thirsty for accelerated reader points. Starting a reading log is an easy way to step up your game…

Maxwell Maltz: The Greatest Self-Improvement Expert You’ve Never Heard Of

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Maxwell Maltz. It’s a name that people today aren’t all that familiar with. Despite the surge in popularity in the self-help genre over the last decade, Maxwell Maltz and his book,…