5 Reasons You Should Start a Reading Log

July 19, 2020

Yes, you should start a reading log. And no, reading logs are not just for ambitious elementary kids thirsty for accelerated reader points. Starting a reading log is an easy way to step up your game as a book worm.

There are plenty of apps out there like Goodreads or Candl that will help you keep track of things. Or you can always go the old-fashioned route (like we at Learn Stash recommend) and simply use a spreadsheet. Whatever method you choose, your future self will thank you.

Don’t just take our opinion for it, though. We’ve provided 5 perfectly good reasons to start a reading log that we’re sure will convince you.

1. You’ll have a better chance of overcoming the “forgetting curve”

Studies show that we forget the majority of what we read within 24 hours. Depressing, we know. While jotting down every book title you read isn’t going to directly improve your memory, it will make it easier to recall the books you’ve read so you can revisit that information when you need it.

2. You’ll always have a list of books to recommend to friends

As an avid reader, people probably come to you all the time asking for your book recommendations. When you’re not tracking your reads, you’ll probably only have the book you’re currently reading to recommend or the same ones you always recommend. Start a book log and wham… problem solved. An entire list of books ready to bestow upon your lucky friends.


3. Your book log will be a historical record of your evolving worldview

Because reading enhances your perspective, it plays a critical role in the evolution of your worldview. As you look back at your book log, you’ll be able to retrace your steps and examine what books led to true watershed moments.

4. A book log is something you can pass on to your kids

Whether you want to pass your actual book log onto your kids, provide them with mandatory reads, or simply pass on the lessons you’ve learned — a book log could be essential to passing on your knowledge to your little ones.


5. You’ll have everything you need to cite your sources for a book

If you ever decide to write a book, researching and citing sources is a necessity. Get a head start by keeping a book log now and then you’ll be ready for whenever you finally decide to publish your thoughts.

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