A Look Inside the Himalaya Learning App

After starting the trial we explored the app and quickly got a lay of the land. It currently features a simple layout organized & categorized loosely by what a user might want to accomplish (i.e., be a better leader, make more money, master the mind, etc.) by taking a Himalaya Learning course.

Within each category, it’s then further broken down by units taught by some of the world’s best thinkers and doers like Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, and Simon Sinek.

The unit I chose first was led by Tim Ferriss and was titled “Jedi Mind Tricks for Personal & Professional Growth.” Nothing could sound more like Tim Ferris and so I dove right in.


At only 6 episodes and 47 min in length, I was able to complete the entire course while doing a 1-mile run and late-night dishwashing the night I began my trial.

Within that time frame, I learned about beating procrastination, mitigating risk, and the superpower of asking dumb questions. All in all — it was an excellent experience and one that left me wondering where this platform has been all my adult life.

What the Himalaya App Does Right With Courses

There’s a lot to love about Himalaya Learning — but what I love most is that Himalaya didn’t try to reinvent the wheel. They took what works well (their podcast platform and UI), curated some excellent content from some of the world’s best minds, and then packaged it in the most digestible way possible.

In 47 minutes I by no means scored an MBA, but I did learn tons of helpful nuggets that are still sticking with me even as I write this post.

If I could put it simply, Himalaya Learning is on-the-go learning at its finest.

Why an Audio-First Course Platform Is Such a Big Deal

It’s no surprise that audio media consumption is exploding. It’s hard to beat the convenience of learning while also doing something that would otherwise be boring, like driving, laundry, or walking your dog. This is why I’m sure we’ve seen such a spike in the popularity of podcasts. While Himalaya already offers a stellar app for listening to podcasts, their entry into the paid online course arena makes this app a must-download.

If you’re an auditory learner at heart, then this will certainly tick all of your boxes. But even if you’re not, Himalaya does what it can to assist your learning experience by keeping the courses bite-sized and using a dedicated narrator to recap each lesson before the next one begins.

Final Thoughts

While it’s uncertain exactly when the full roll-out will happen, there’s no doubt the app will be a hit. This is a big statement, but Himalaya Learning may become to audio courses what Master Class has become for video courses. My only concern is if there be enough content to keep us busy.

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